"Where there is a will, there is a way"

With ACTS, more than a summit to reach, it is a route we wish to take: that of sobriety, moderation, and inspiring local adventures. The more numerous we will be to rope up to the challenge, the more we will increase our chances of succeeding.



Faced with the disappearance of glaciers, the collapse of biodiversity, the frenetic and predatory consumption of resources that are leading the world to exhaustion, we, professionals and mountain personalities, have a duty to make a concrete commitment to preserve our environment.


Let's be ambitious, let's be aware of our limits and let's act!

Our jobs don't easily allow us to stop flying or to do without cars. But, if each of us reduces our overall impact by an average of 10% each year, we will do our part by reducing our overall emissions by a third after 4 years.

10% is the way to go!

The IPCC reports tell us that, as early as 2030, we need to limit ourselves to 50% of our current emissions in order to prevent a rise in temperature of more than 1.5°C in 2100; they all urge us to contribute to this dynamic. This is the main challenge and the direction of our approach: while meeting our own imperatives, we want to reduce our impact by 10% every year to avoid having to deal too soon with a planet that has literally become unliveable...

There is still time to work on this collectively and no matter how exemplary we may or may not have been in the past, we want to become so.





1. Favour adventures close to home and journeys with a low carbon footprint. Promote approach as an adventure in itself, an experience that becomes as exciting as reaching the summit.

2. Favour using bicycles and public transport (train, car sharing...) instead of individual cars.

3. Fly less for our travels, encourage longer stays for trips made flying


Favour adventures close to home and journeys with a low carbon footprint. Fly less for our travels. Favour using public transport (train, car sharing...) and bicycles.


Reduce individual product purchases. Favour sales buying, lending gear and repairing it. Reduce the consumption of meat and animal products in general, avoid global trade chains, favour locally grown food that respects durable production proceedings.


Promote new stories. Put forward new success criteria where the discovered terrain, the sobriety of means put in place, the value of sharing, the curiosity and knowledge of ecosystems become a leitmotiv that goes beyond the mere performance.



It is clear that this is a key moment. It is a difficult moment, we absolutely must change, even if we start with small things, these things will snowball. That's what I'm trying to do and of course it's not easy to see what I have to do, in any case I'm questioning a lot of things.






If you want to support us, be part of the collective or be informed of our actions, we will be happy to read you!

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